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You’re Reponsible For You

We’re only two weeks into 2015 and you can see it everywhere. Health is on our minds.  More people are walking, working out and focusing on nutrition.  That’s why in our “Get Your Life Together” series at C3, we talked about getting fit this year and hosted the Health Seminary with Dr. Brent Baldasare last Sunday.  Here are some next steps if you’re determined to make 2015 your best year:

1. Divine Wellness Academy is a Community Group at C3 led by Troy Ismir, and is a biblically based program that will help you discover the connection between your physical and spiritual health.  This program will inform, motivate,  inspire you to get healthy.  You will learn to eat the way God intended, use motion as devotion, manage stress and look, feel and perform better than ever before.  Troy is a certified trainer and will be sharing a wealth of practical & helpful information.  It all begins Feb. 1st.  To register click here.

2.  The 90 Day Healthy Living Challenge is back from Dr. Brent Baldasare from Affinity Health and Wellness. Dr. B led our Health Seminary last Sunday and unpacked a ton of helpful info.  If you’d like go further this year then dive into this challenge.  Dr. B has offered a special rate for anyone from C3 Church.  To get the promo code before you register email us at We will email you the promo code and you’ll receive 50% off! Once you receive the promo code from us, click here to register.

3.  Check out CrossFit High Performance.  Let Tyrone know you’re from C3 Church and he’ll get you signed up for a class.  Often we think CrossFit is for those who are already in great shape. Tyrone says that’s completely untrue. CrossFit is for anyone wanting to make strong gains in fitness no matter where you are today.

4.  Parents, if you’re looking for something to keep the kids (5 yrs – 15 yrs) active and not staring at some electronic device every waking moment then check out the East Orlando Track Club.  You can get more info here.

These are all great options and there are many more. Join a gym. Take a walk. Your health will only improve this year if you do something. If you want this year to be different you’ve got to do something different.





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