Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Why Don’t My Prayers Work?

We all pray. Some regularly, others only in crisis. Even many of those who would say they “don’t believe” will occasionally pray “just in case” when life goes wheels off. But, have you ever wondered, “why don’t my prayers work?”.  You have friends or know someone who it seems gets everything they ask for. Life seems so good… so easy for them.

Why?  Is there some random choice to what prayers get answered and which ones don’t?   It can’t be an issue of how much we want it or how bad we need whatever we’re asking because we’ve all been very sincere in praying about something that ultimately didn’t work out.  Is it that God only pays attention to his “favorites” and you’re not one of them?

What if there is a “right” way to pray?  Not a magical formula, but a path to pray that would produce greater results that what we’re seeing.  What if prayer hasn’t “worked” because we’ve been doing it wrong?  Is there a better way to pray?

This Sunday at C3 Church we’re going to take a look at Jesus teaching on prayer and what we discover may not only surprise you, it may also change your prayer life and the results of your prayers forever.  If you’re in Central Florida join us Sunday at Regal Cinemas Waterford at 9 a.m. or 10:20 a.m.!


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