Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

What’s Next? – A Note To C3

Hey C3 Church, I’m still blown away by what we experienced last Sunday. 1,748 people and we just moved to Timber Creek High School 4 weeks ago!  As I’ve shot emails to those who were first time guests Sunday there are several themes I continue to hear back.  Beyond the comments of how people loved it, or their kids loved it, they were completely captured by their entire experience. From the parking attendants, to our host and guest services to those who serve in C3 kids to the Resource Center and our Hosts in the main room… you represented C3 and Jesus with excellence Sunday! You showed people that we really do love God and love others at C3. You helped people experience a life-giving movement.  And, it’s not just for Easter, it’s every Sunday – this is how we do it!

So, what’s next? 

What if we invited people with the same intensity and passion this week to check out C3 Sunday? While it’s true that most people will respond to an invitation to Easter positively, there are many who would come any Sunday if someone would just invite them. Who could you invite this week to check out C3 this Sunday?

If you invited someone who wasn’t able to attend Sunday, invite them again. Let them know how incredible Sunday was and that we’re starting a new series, “Blurred Lines,” this weekend.

If you invited someone who did attend, invite them again! Many people aren’t aware that they can come every week. They may think you invited them for a special day. Ask them what they thought about it and invite them to come back this Sunday.

Not only did we have a record attendance, we saw 30 people make commitments to Christ and countless others made other meaningful decisions. I can’t wait to see what happens this Sunday!



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