Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

What Does The Annoucement Mean?

C3 Easter 15 a

Sunday we announced that we are facing a unique opportunity.  C3 has been offered two options of land on which to build a campus.  As we’re praying together in this season, I recognize there are many questions.  Here are a few F.A.Q.’s:

1.  How soon do we have to pay for the land?  Never. Never, ever. These two options have been offered free to C3.  I know. It’s unbelievable. FREE land! I’m extremely grateful to God for His favor in this area and to the generosity of those making the offer.

2.  When would we start building?  As soon as we complete our evaluations we will make a decision as to whether to move forward with one of the pieces of land or not.  If our leadership determines that this is God’s next step for C3, we will begin the process immediately.  Of course, there’s quite a bit of conceptual and design work that would be done before we’d see anything going up.

3.  What will this campus include?  That is still being considered and will be announced in the near future if the decision is made to pursue this option.  It is important to understand that we believe God would have us have several campuses around Central Florida.  So, this would be our first permanent campus. In the near future we hope to launch a second campus and are currently also praying through and making initial plans for that as well.

4.  What happens if we decide not to pursue this option? Our address is nothing more than a tool to fulfill our mission. Whether we are portable or permanent we will relentlessly pursue our vision of connecting the community with Christ.  God has done phenomenal things in and through C3 in our short history and we believe He will continue to do so. We are more excited about people than buildings, and about serving our community than where we meet. The greatest thing our church can do for our community is church! We will continue to provide meaningful, engaging and life-giving experiences every weekend.

At C3, no matter where we meet, we will engage children and empower families. At C3, we will continue to build up individuals.  At C3, we celebrate and embrace diversity because it is God’s gift to us. At C3, church will never be boring and people will always matter more than programs.  At C3 we LOVE LOUD and we are going to shock this city with the love of Jesus! At C3, the most important thing will always be bringing people hope through a relationship with Jesus.

Yes, we are very excited about a potential home. But we are more excited about you… and who you’re inviting this Sunday for Mother’s Day (remember, FREE family portraits for everyone)!




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