Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

What About the Kids?

As we prepare to launch C3’s Avalon Campus at Timber Creek High School, one of the questions we’ve received is about our Children’s experiences. What will that be like at Timber Creek?

As you know, at C3 we’re all about kids! In fact, we use multiple theaters at our Waterford Campus at Regal Cinemas for children each week. Our goal is to create safe, clean and fun environments for children of all ages that are both engaging and irresistible.  If you’ve been to C3, you know that our volunteers do a great job accomplishing this goal each week.  The same approach will be used at Timber Creek. Your kids will experience the “WOW” factor as they walk into environments created just for them.  This week we’re meeting with the company that’s helping us design and create what the various atmospheres will look like.

So, we know we will hear the same thing at the Avalon Campus that we hear every week at our Waterford campus from kids, “I can’t wait to come back!”.  Thank you to those who serve in our Children’s Ministry and invest your life in future generations so they’ll love Jesus and His Church!


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