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In the next few weeks some major decisions will be made in the life of C3 Church (God is doing some awesome things – please continue to pray).  As I was thinking through and praying through those today I was reminded that life is always like that in so many arenas.  And, I can honestly say it’s simply God’s grace that helps us make the wise decisions.  But, in the spirit of “Throwback Thursdays” here’s a post I wrote in August of ’07:

“It’s one of those difficult things that comes with the territory.  Monday’s are always hard for me.  It’s hard to describe the emotional and mental exhaustion from Sundays.  And, often on those tiring days, decisions have to be made.  Difficult, hard decisions that have consequences.  The consequences often affect people’s lives, the direction of the church, the rate of growth, etc.  Today – not just one, but two very difficult decisions had to be made.  Whenever possible, I don’t make decisions on Mondays – but today this was not an option.  At C3 I lead through a Team model.  That means when difficult decisions have to be made I get the input of those who I believe to be wise and trustworthy and have the best interest of the church at heart.  The Bible says there’s wisdom in the counsel of others, but not just anybody – those who deeply love Christ, his church, and me.

 Then, once the input is there, I have to make a decision.  Too many churches give their pastors responsibility without authority.  You’re expected to do a job, but not allowed to make the necessary decisions to achieve the desired goals.  What other organization works this way?  So often, I believe, churches function in such a backward way – it’s no wonder we’re having a hard time reaching the world – 15 committees have to debate how to do that first.  At C3 that’s not the case, and I’m grateful.  

I have both  the responsibility and authority to accomplish my job.  Today, whether I was up to it or not, decisions had to be made.  Two incredibly important decisions.  So, after asking God for wisdom, seeking input, and asking a honkin’ ton of questions… I had to decide.  Most people will never know the difficulty and thought and prayer that was invested in these 2 issues.  They will simply see and experience the results.  Have you ever made a decision, and felt confident it was wise, but inside didn’t like it?  That was one of them – in fact, even though I know I made the wise choice, I’m still personally struggling on the inside.  The other decision was something totally unexpected today that has major implications in the life of C3.  When I woke up this morning I did not even know this issue would come to me.  And yet, both of these “opportunities” demanded my immediate attention and answer.  

What a difference it makes knowing that in every decision Christ says we can look to him and he will lead us.  I’m so blessed and grateful to have people around me that have amazing discernment, insight, and expertise in areas that I don’t.  Decisions are simply an opportunity to choose God’s best.  Tomorrow there will be more decisions as we stretch for and are stretched for God’s best.  To the C3 Community of Faith, please pray for our Leadership to always make decisions that keep us fulfilling God’s vision for our church.  Invest and Invite – I love you and I’ll see you Sunday!


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