Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

The Best Christmas Gift

One of the things that you don’t have to tell any parent is that they aren’t perfect. As parents we know that. We feel that. It’s a struggle we live with moment by moment and our inadequacies are constantly in our face. We want the very best for our kids and we carry the responsibility of raising them while knowing every second all of the areas of life in which we fall short. We hope that somehow will lead them to be better than we are and that the things in our own lives, our “bad” traits, will somehow miss them.

This Christmas was special to me. Every Christmas is. But this year our kids gave us a gift that blew me away. It reminded me of a few things:

First, it reminded me of how much Angie sacrificed when I traveled for years and was gone so much. Our kids are amazing because of her influence in their lives. She has created what we now get to all enjoy in our family. She was there in the formative years shaping how they would think and feel and showing them how to develop a relationship with God while inspiring them to believe they could take on the world.

The other reason this is so special to me is not just what our kids say. It’s what they don’t say. There easily could be a video (and it would be much longer) of all the things I’ve done wrong. My kids have had a front row seat to the imperfections of their Father. But in this video, they only share some of the positive things in how they see us.

They’re able to do that because of the way Anige’s influence has impacted their lives. She’s the greatest example of forgiveness I’ve ever known. She extends grace and mercy when it’s undeserved. They believe the best about me (and others) because she does. It’s what they were taught, not by life but by her. I believe it’s one of the greatest gifts she’s given our kids. To assume and believe the best. To see the positive. It’s how she see’s life. It’s how she’s see’s me. It’s one of the primary reasons we’re still together after almost 30 years. And now, because of her, there are others who have learned to be life-giving people. The kind of people you run toward (not run from).

So this will forever be special to me because of what’s said and because of what’s not said. And, because I have the greatest bride and kids, grankids and friends in the world. Peace to you.


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