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Is “Forever” a good thing?

You and I know people who are married and have just settled for an okay marriage, just existing together. It’s your neighbor, coworker or maybe it’s you. We’ve heard all about how 50% of marriages don’t make it an that’s really sad because it represents a lot of pain people have walked through. But, what about the other 50%? A significant percentage, if not majority, aren’t living the marriage of their dreams. They’re stuck. So they stay. Maybe because there don’t seem to by any better options. Maybe it’s just to hard to leave because of how it would affect the family. Maybe its a financial decision. But far too many marriages end, or simply exist with one or both people wishing it could end.

Nobody writes that script for their lives. We stand before each other and God and promise “forever.”  Why does “forever” seem more like a prison sentence in so many marriages? If that describes you, then you don’t want to miss the series we’re kicking off this weekend at C3 Church!  And, if that describes you, you need to know two things: you’re not alone – many marriages are in the same place, and there really is hope. It can be different. But, if you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing, you probably won’t make it. If you don’t make some changes, today is best it gets.  Why settle for that?

So, what do you have to lose? Join us for “Forever” beginning this weekend. Good marriages can be great. Bad marriages can become all you dreamed your marriage would be. If you’re not married, but hope to marry or remarry one day, this series is also for you. You will walk into marriage with everything you need to make it great from the first day. If you’re single or single again and not sure that marriage is for you, this series will still be extremely helpful with other relationships in your life. Don’t miss “forever”! Join us at 9 or 10:20 this weekend.


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