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So, What’s the BIG Announcement for C3 Church?

This morning was one of those days that as you’re living it you know you’ll never forget it. Once again we had record crowds at C3 with our largest non-holiday attendance in the history of C3!

So, if you missed it… here’s the BIG announcement (there are actually two):

First, C3 Church has been given land to build a campus on.  Yes… given… FREE!  My mind is blown. We are currently in the due diligence phase and there are some details to work through.  At this point, I can tell you that what we are praying through and discussing is going to be something very unique. C3 peeps, please pray for this process.

As I shared this morning, we’ve experience quantum leaps in growth in the last year.  In church life a church is considered healthy and growing if it’s seeing at least a 5% growth per year. 10% is considered amazing.  C3 Church has grown by 50% in the last year!  God really is doing something special in the life of our church. We’ve had to add 2 theaters in just the last 5 weeks, and we are quickly running out of room.

Which brings us to the second announcement:

We will be launching a second campus at Timber Creek High School. So, C3 will be one church in two locations.  We will continue our 9 a.m. and 10:20 a.m. services at Regal Cinemas which will be C3’s Waterford Campus and we will be adding the Timber Creek location which will be C3’s Avalon Campus.

I realize there will be a lot of questions about how things will work and I’ll be addressing those. I can tell you right now that the worship will be live at both campuses and I will be speaking live at both campuses.  We’ll get more into the details in the coming weeks.

The future is going to be incredible and I’m so flipplin pumped I can barely stand it. I’m honored to be your pastor and to be a part of this movement with a relentless passion to “Connect the Community with Christ”. Where we meet doesn’t define us. Whether we’re in a theater, school or in our own buildings it will always be the vision of C3 that defines us because we will always do whatever it takes to bring people far from God into a relationship with Jesus.  Thank you for praying, serving, giving and inviting… you’re making a difference and changing lives… and the best is yet to come!


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