Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Putting an end to “I Know, but no.”

How many times have you made that resolution? That promise to yourself? The one that continues to haunt you. You meant well. You even had a strategy.  You convinced yourself that this time it would happen. The change you desire would take place. No more of what used to be.  You bought books, read articles, talked to friends. Got all the new information you could so this time would be different. This time you would finally get in shape, improve your marriage, get your financial world in order, create a new atmosphere in your home or in your relationships.  You were ready. Then, something happened. It’s what always happens.  Either abruptly or gradually life slid back to how it always has been.  You gave up. You didn’t tell yourself that. You convinced yourself that you’d try again tomorrow… later, or next year. But, you’ve lived a lot of “tomorrows” that have looked just like your yesterdays you wanted to change.

So how do we do it? How do we actually transform that areas of our lives that we long to improve?  I think it requires a very simple change of focus. Rather than focusing on all the things we don’t know and need to learn… the latest trends or best new ways to accomplish our desires, we acknowledge what we’ve been ignoring. It’s not all the things we don’t know that keep us where we are, it’s the stuff we do know but don’t like so we don’t apply it to our lives.

One thing that will ensure that 2014 is no better than any other year you and I have ever lived is staying in the routine of “I know, but no.”  As a follower of Jesus, if there are things that we know God addresses in Scripture, and we’re living differently, ignoring or rationalizing or excusing then we’re in a routine of “I know, but no.”  It’s one of the worst places to be. It’s what keeps us stuck. If this year is going to be different then we have to approach what we know differently. It’s never been enough just to know or want. Not even to plan. This year can be the most blessed year you and I have ever lived if we’ll leave the land of “I know, but no” and begin to understand and live the reality that you set yourself up to be blessed when you simply say “yes”. “Yes” to all that God for you. “Yes” to the thing you know but don’t like. “Yes” because “I know, but no” hasn’t worked and it never will.  This year really can be different. Let’s do this!


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