Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Monday Is The New Thursday

Earlier today we shot out a tweet that said:  “Hey C3, this Thursday you’ll get a sneak peek at C3’s new and improved look!”

Well, we just learned that one of our new billboards are up (guess the billboard company aims to exceed people’s expectations on timing and got it up a week quicker than we’d asked).

So, Monday’s the new Thursday and this is the new look (the logo in the pic) and feel for C3 Church.  For several months now we’ve been working with a company called Matchstic going through a re-branding for our logo, and website (new website coming soon). This process has helped us identify and clarify some key foundational elements that will set the course for the next season in the life of C3.  This weekend, as we launch our new campus at Timber Creek High School, you’ll see the results of months of work that has culminated in a new and improved look for C3.  I can’t wait for Sunday… and thanks again to an overly aggressive billboard company! 🙂

By the way – pastors, Becky, Jonathan and the crew at Matchstic are awesome! If you’re considering re-calibrating your vision and re-branding for the next season of ministry I would highly recommend them.



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