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Love Loud – It’s All About Hope

C3, I’m excited about the journey we’ve begun.  I’ve been asked, “What specifically will we be doing through “Love Loud”? There are three things we believe God wants us to accomplish through “Love Loud”. The first is to be a church that is “Bringing HOPE to those in need“.  Specifically this element of “Love Loud” is for our orphanage (Acrejah Orphanage) in Haiti.  Through “Love Loud” we will continue to provide two hot meals each day and enhanced education & spiritual education training in addition to hygiene and social training.  Will will also  extend our mission in the Acrejah Orphanage to include establishing a self-sustaining small farm for the students, allowing them to raise livestock and potentially provide a fresh start for them as they leave the orphanage.  Due to limited space, this will include things like chicken coops for fresh eggs and poultry.

We are also in discussions with the orphanage about capital improvements desperately needed to their building.  Through the Love Loud commitments, we will begin those improvements to enhance the comfort and safety of the children and add space to their existing structure.

This is only one of the three elements of “Love Loud” but through it we will change not only the lives of the children currently in the Acrejah Orphanage, but also the lives of children yet to come to the Orphanage and all of their families forever.

C3, I’m praying with you as we all ask God what He would have each of us do through a commitment to “Love Loud”.


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