Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Love Loud – Bringing Life to our Community

In this new chapter in the life of C3 Church we have launched “Love Loud”.  Not only is it about bringing hope to those in need, another element of Love Loud is that we’re going to be all about bringing life to our community.


There are over 250,000+ people in East Orlando, and we want each of them to know the life that Jesus offers.  Since 2008, we’ve fed hundreds of families for an entire month, provided hundreds of backpacks filled with supplies for local schools, and packaged 25,000 meals for local children.  Love Loud will fund more events like these, and provide resources for us to use creative tools to reach more of our community, such as:

-Live Spanish translation for our worship services
-Development of an online video campus
-Development of a C3 Church mobile app
-Creative promotional strategies to reach those in our local community

This Saturday is another “Love Loud” event for our community as we’re packaging 12,000 meals for those in need right here in Central Florida.  C3, you’re making a huge difference and we’re just getting started!





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