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Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on church growth or anything else (Except maybe how the Cowboys could actually have a winning season again 🙂 ).  I just have some opinions that I’m pondering. I’m trying to be a student daily and learn with eyes and heart wide-open, and make some observations along the way.  So, these are just some things I’m considering…

I’ve heard it for years. It’s common among pastors. The simple idea that is accepted as reality… that to have, or launch a successful church, it’s all about location, location, location.  While location is important, it may not be as important as I’ve thought when it comes to the health or growth of a church. Location is not a reality to be ignore but neither is it necessarily a limiting factor to what could happen.

Honestly, it was something I was concerned about. As we moved from Regal Cinemas (which was a regional location and feel) to Timber Creek High School (which has more of a community feel) I wondered what the impact would be. As we prayed through the decision we continued to sense that we were suppose to make the move… but I continued to carry this concern of “location”.

In four short weeks of being at Timber Creek my concern is gone. Completely. What we’ve experienced has been that overwhelming. While location is important, I’ve come to really believe there is one thing that trumps it. I’ve seen it and lived it in the life of C3.  In moving to TC, C3 has experienced the kind of further growth that defies explanation.  Our TC campus, even though in a great community, has a regional feel and we’re drawing people from all over Central Florida.

It’s because of the one thing that will always trump location.  Excellence. Without it a “perfect location” is less than it could be and an “ok” location can be phenomenal.  Now, C3 is nowhere near a perfect church, please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. It’s not that we have figured everything out and do everything perfectly or better than anyone else.  I believe many churches understand that it’s simply a contagious atmosphere of excellence in doing the absolute best we can where we are that makes a difference.  Many churches have overcome any “downside issues” about their location with an atmosphere of excellence.  It’s those who serve at C3 that are difference makers and bring the excellence in what they do each Sunday that creates something beyond where we meet… because of how we meet. It’s the Shamgar principle (start where you are, use what you have and do what you can… with excellence!). Judges 3 & 5.

As we pray through launching a 2nd campus back at Regal in the future, it’s the standard of excellence from those who serve that will be the primary determining factor of success.

No matter what you’re location, it can always be improved by a contagious attitude of excellence.  Pastors, I’m praying for you and pulling for you and would also ask that you pray for C3 – we still have so much to learn and improve. Thanks for all you’re doing to change the world, no matter where you meet.



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