Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

I do. I don’t.

It’s supposed to be the most meaningful relationship we’ll ever have with another person. Safe. Loving. Encouraging. But, for many, marriage looks nothing like that. As a result, a lot of people choose to simply end it. Others choose to remain in marriages that look nothing like what they once dreamed of. Very few couples have a marriage beyond their greatest hopes and desires.

In this new series (beginning Sept. 28th at C3 Church) “I do. I don’t.” we’re going to discover how to experience happily ever after.  If you’re happily married, this series will grow your marriage even more. If you’re struggling in marriage, this series can help you have the marriage you’ve always wanted. If you’re single and hope to marry someday, this series will set you up to have the marriage of your dreams.

Join us for “I do. I don’t.”

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