Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Hurting For Those Who Are Hurting

Tonight my heart is heavy.  I, and many other adults, are trying to process what many kids are having to process right now.  A young girl in our community took her life. She went to my youngest son’s school. She was 12. Only 12.  Not that the age of the person necessarily determines the level of grieving, but it does bring some sobering thoughts.  How much pain must she have been feeling to make that choice?  At 12…

Tonight many in our community gathered for a candle-light ceremony in her honor.  As a pastor we’re suppose to have answers but it is simply impossible to make sense of the senseless. She will be deeply missed by those who knew and loved her.

In moments like this I’m reminded of how fragile life is, how precious people are and how amazing our great God is.  He gives us strength when we can’t take it anymore, peace and comfort when the pain feels to intense and hope in spite of what we’re facing or dealing with.  Moments with those we love matter and we should determine to make the most of them each day.

Would you please pray for Jacqueline Munoz and her precious family as they morn the loss of her little sister, Jennifer.  If you’d like to make a contribution to the fund for Jennifer’s funeral expenses you may do so by clicking here. I know it would be such a blessing to a family who is deeply grieving and let them know that they are not alone.  Thank you.


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