Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

How Bout This For Mother’s Day?

If you’re in Central Florida I’d love for you to join us this Sunday at C3 Church as we celebrate Mother’s Day.  We’re kicking off a brand new series called, “This I Know”.

Remember when life was simpler.  Remember as a child how easy it was to have fun, enjoy friends and to… believe.  “Jesus loves me this I know…” was an easily embraced reality as a child. But, as we grow older it seems uncertainty grows as well. Can we believe simple truths? Is it possible to know and live a simple faith that really works in a complicated world?  In this series, “This I Know” we’re going to take an honest look at some things we believed as children and discover together how to believe and “know” again.

Also, everyone will be able to have FREE family portraits taken after each service.  This is just a small way of saying, “Thank you” to Moms for who you are and for all you. Check it out this weekend at 9 or 10:20!


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