Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Have You Noticed This?

I don’t know if it has a name. I just call it the “Elevator Syndrome”. It’s pretty common.

Our offices are on the 2nd floor of an office building and that’s caused me to think about what’s probably obvious to most people. There are primarily two kinds of people we encounter on an elevator.  Most people don’t make a sound, maybe offer a slight smile, and stare at the numbers watching the floors light up. Then, there are a few who are loud. Really loud. They talk about everything you don’t really want to hear about but they are so caught up in their own conversation.

I think we can have that same tendency in life. Many people keep to themselves while there are others who never notice the collective “eye-rolling” that takes place when they walk in the room announcing their arrival.

As I think about all that God is doing in the life of C3 Church, it reminds me that we need to relentlessly avoid the “Elevator Syndrome”. We’ve seen hundreds of new people come to C3 in recent weeks.  Let’s make sure we aren’t silently watching the service light up and ignoring those around us. Let’s also make sure we’re more concerned about others than ourselves and going out of our way to make others feel welcome. Let’s focus more on being interested than being interesting.

So, this Sunday as you roll into C3, say “hi” to some people you don’t know. Have a conversation. Ask them how they’re doing. Help others feel welcome and let’s let them know we’re glad their at C3!  In fact, every Sunday let’s make sure we are a life-giving movement and never fall into the “Elevator Syndrome.”



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