Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church



This Changes Everything

At C3 we’re asking the questions… the ones we think or consider but rarely speak of.  And, a few of those questions determine so much about our lives. One of them in particular. This one question is behind many of our thoughts and decisions… “Can […]


The Value of Everybody

What do you remember about 1993? I remember that Dallas beat Buffalo 52-17 in the Super Bowl! But, another thing that happened was that a new kind of encyclopedia was born. Until then, it was the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Remember that? A 1,000 pound set of […]


Blast From The Past

An excerpt from the first blog I ever wrote, May 14, 2007… even more true today. We seem to try so often to be “normal.” What is “normal?” Who gets to decide the standard? What if our goal was not “normal” but something greater. What […]

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