Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Blast From The Past

An excerpt from the first blog I ever wrote, May 14, 2007… even more true today.

We seem to try so often to be “normal.” What is “normal?” Who gets to decide the standard? What if our goal was not “normal” but something greater. What if we didn’t settle for status quo but reached for something more? I’m sick and tired of “normal.” I have no use for status quo. I believe in this one life we have, we should reach for something beyond the predictable, expected and safe.  We should live north of normal. 

I’m learning some things about trying to live north of normal.

First lesson, religious people love normal. I think we continually let the superficial keep us from seeing the supernatural. I think we tend to be into so many things that God is not into. I think we have settled for much less than God has in mind for his church.

Second, north of normal is always a stretch and always uncomfortable. As I look at what God is doing in my life and in our church I can honestly say that I’ve never been more stretched than in the last few months. God is taking me (us) new places and we’re seeing lives changed like never before.

Third lesson, God lives and has always lived north of normal – that’s where he shows up. Normal is what I can produce, north of normal is where God must produce because I can’t.

Today and forever it is my goal to do life north of normal.



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