Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

Beats – A New Rhythm

C3 Church, Timber Creek High School, Avalon Park

Do we really want to be like everyone else? The norms are not that appealing. Many people are just existing in their marriages, careers, relationships, and families.  Very few people live a life that others want.

You don’t want to be an average husband or wife. You don’t want to be an average parent. You don’t want to be an average friend, employee or boss. However, most of us don’t feel a tension around being average because most of us don’t put ourselves in the average category. Yet “averages” are an indicator or what is most true about most of us.

In this series, “Beats: A New Rhythm” we’re going to uncover three specific behaviors Jesus taught his followers in the Sermon on the Mount that will lead to a life that is anything but average. It’s time to change the playlist of your life and join us for “Beats” to go beyond average. It begins at C3 Church September 13th.  Just #tryitonce.


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