Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

An Update to C3


C3, I’ve been praying for you and with you and I’m so grateful we escaped what could have been so much worse with Hurricane Matthew. However, there are many today who weren’t as fortunate. Here are a couple of things I’d like you to be aware of today:

1) We will not have any services this Sunday at Timber Creek. While there was no major damage, there are some things the school is having to address (i.e. replacing damaged tiles in classrooms and buildings from water leaks, etc). Because of that we will not be given access to the buildings so the work crews can get everything completed with a goal of having the school ready for students by Monday. We will resume our regular schedule the following Sunday (October 16th) and look forward to seeing you then. By the way, as usual, the Timber Creek Administration and Staff have been outstanding in serving our community through this crisis.

2) Many of you have asked about our Acrejah Orphanage in Haiti. As you probably know, the country of Haiti was devastated by the Hurricane. The count of those who lost their lives is approaching 900. While I grieve for all of those who are hurting, I’m so very grateful that all of the children at our orphanage are all safe and without harm.  Although, the buildings did sustain some damage from significant water leaks and flooding.

Because of the level of damage in Haiti, repairs are going to take quite some time.  There is one thing you and I can do to accelerate that process. I’m asking everyone who’s a part of C3 to join me and my family is giving a special offering over and above what we normally give to C3 that we can use to help assist with needs from the damage. If you’ve given to C3 before you can access your safe and secure account by clicking here. Once you’ve logged in, click on “give now”. Then, select “Love Loud” under the “give to” drop down menu. After that simply enter the amount you’d like to give.

For those who’ve never given online to C3 you can go to the same site. It will only take a few seconds to sign up for a free safe and secure account. Then follow the same steps listed above.

We can all pray and we can all give something and it will make a significant difference.

Thank you for being a church that has such a huge heart for others. I continue to pray for you and can’t wait to see you next Sunday (10/16) at C3!


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