Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

A Note To C3 Church

I think we all feel it. There are seasons where we pause at least a little to evaluate life… our lives. We think about last year (or try not to). Our relationships, finances, health… goals. For some, we set new goals for a new year determined that this year will be better. For others, there’s almost a hopelessness because things just never seem to work out.

I’m praying that 2014 will be the best year you’ve ever experienced. I understand that’s a strong, and for some seemingly unattainable, prayer or desire.  But, I really do believe it’s possible to experience “better” in real ways for every single one of us.  So, this Sunday at C3 Church we are setting the stage for a blessed year. It’s going to be a special service with communion, engaging worship and a simple message that can have profound results that will impact our entire year.   Then, on January 12th, I’m beginning a brand new series called, “How To Have a Blessed Life.”  The next few weeks are going to be huge and they will set the tone for all of 2014.

Also… remember the “Big Announcement”? Well, this Sunday I’ll be sharing a “Big Announcement” about the “Big Announcement”!  I can’t wait!!!

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday for the first weekend of 2014 – it’s also a great weekend to invite someone to check out C3 for the first time. Happy New Year!


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