Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

A Note to C3

C3 Church, Orlando Church

Wow! I’m so blown away by what happened this Easter at C3.

To those of you who serve (many of you served during more than one service), I want you to know how Easter 2017 grateful I am for you. There were 67 people who committed their lives to Christ Sunday and it wouldn’t have happened without you. You served with excellence. You represented Jesus and C3 well.

To those of you who invited friends, neighbors, family members and acquaintances to attend, you were used by Jesus to change lives yesterday. Not only were there those who gave their lives to Christ, there were also a ton of people exposed for the first time to what a life-giving church looks like. We had a record shattering attendance of 2,527 people and you just changed their minds about church!

The best thing about all of it is that we’re just getting started and we get to do it all again this Sunday. So, invite someone to join you and be ready to serve with excellence because we have guests coming. Know that I’m praying for you this week and honored to serve with you!

Easter 2017


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