Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

A New Season

Yesterday was a historic day in the life of C3 Church! We saw almost 200 people more than the same Sunday one year ago. That’s a huge deal because every single person matters! I really sense we’re entering a new season of helping and serving others and making an impact for Christ.

C3, I’m so proud of you. It is an absolute honor to serve with a group of people who have such a heart for others and for our community.

This Sunday we’ll  go further in our series, “Modern Family, Vintage Values” and I hope you’ll invite someone this week to join us!  You can also check out for info about the series and answers to F.A.Q.’s. If you’ve never been to C3, you can also pre-register your child or children for expedited check-in.

Get ready… next Sunday’s going to be special!


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