Byron Bledsoe, Senior Pastor - C3 Church

4 Questions That Can Change Your Life

Questions. We all have them. There are many we ignore instead of attempting to answer. In fact, the longer I live I discover I have more questions than answers.  I’ve also discovered that they can be a huge asset in life. If we are willing to ask the right questions and honestly answer them, the process has the ability to bring positive changes.

This morning at C3 Church we talked about How to Study the Bible. There are four questions we can ask when approaching any passage that will open the deeper meaning. They are:

What does it say?  It’s simple. Nothing profound. On the surface, what is it saying?

What does it mean? Often we think it means what it says and much of the time it does. However, there are moments we have to look deeper. If I say, “stop pulling my leg”, you’re not literally pulling my leg, you’re joking with me. The meaning is beyond what’s being said.

What do other verses in Scripture say about this issue/topic? There are passages that are difficult and verses that seem unclear. So, we let the clear explain the unclear. We look at other places in Scripture to see the fullness of how God speaks to an issue.

What will I DO about it? The first three questions are of absolutely no value if we don’t ask and answer this question. In every passage there’s something I can apply to my life today. Studying the Bible is not about knowing more, it’s about being more. Taking the information I’m learning and applying to my life so I become more of the person God knows I can be and wants me to be. Being a Christ-Follower implies I follow the teachings of Jesus. Faith is not about information it’s about application.




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