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Sunday At A Glance

I’m so grateful for those who serve each week through C3 Church.  I’m often asked by other pastors, “What’s the secret of C3’s sustained rapid growth?” and immediately I respond, “Those who serve.”  We have an army of volunteers who engage people each week making sure they feel welcome.  No one does it better than you, C3! (check out the video above)

Today was our second week in the “I do. I don’t.” series.  We began downloading the principles that make marriage work and make it great.  If you missed today, or the first week you can check it out here.

Remember, if you’re married, this week ask your spouse, “What is one thing I could do this week to show my love for you?” and “What’s one thing I can pray for you this week?”.  Let’s do this and see what God does in our marriages!

For those who are single, download this stuff now and save yourself a ton of grief later in life.

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